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Lindamood Bell Program

Improve Reading and Speech With the Lindamood Bell Program

If your child has been struggling with spelling, speech, and reading, they might be a great candidate for the Lindamood Bell Program.

This proven program is a vital resource in helping children develop what is known as phonological awareness. This is the process by which people can distinguish that words can be broken down into smaller components known as phonemes, which are the basic sounds that make up all words. Being able to manipulate and understand these sounds is a core component of speech and language. Children who lack foundational skills in this area often have difficulties with decoding and spelling. As they get older, the reading demands become harder but the foundational skills are still missing. 

The Lindamood Bell Program takes a unique approach to filling in some of these gaps. Led by our licensed and ASHA-certified speech therapist, this program will help your child develop the core phonemic awareness that have been missing, finally closing the gaps and allowing for wholesome progress. 

This program can be beneficial for school-aged children of all ages starting as young as 4 (kindergarten readiness). 

Our speech therapy sessions are conducted exclusively online. No matter where in the state of Florida you are located, you and your children can benefit from our services.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our therapeutic programs and how we can help your child overcome his or her reading difficulties.

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